My Grade 5 Reflection

Throughout grade 5, I learned a lot. I went on trips, stayed at school, and participated in many school teams. I especially was fond of three occasions, the volleyball team, office prefects, and EOEC. This will be about my experience.

The earliest of the three occasions was office prefects. I started the job at the beginning of the school year and throughout, I learned valuable knowledge. As I spoke more every month, I got more comfortable speaking in front of larger groups of people. I also learned how to use a sound system, which would help me if I were to be all alone when speaking, I would be prepared to use the system. The best part was helping out the students who came and went in need of ice, so I was able to prepare it for them. So this is one of three of my best occasions this year.

Another one of my best experiences was the volleyball team. it was a surprise that I made it in, but it was a good time. I got to be closer with my friends, and we learned how to work with each other better. Volleyball requires teamwork, so we had to become familiar with trusting the players more when we played. We all had a fun time either winning or losing, but apparently we won from our trust and teamwork. The girls even brought a lot of Gatorade, so all of us took two to three each. I loved the team and the trip.

Finally, my third best experience was the EOEC, the Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre. I especially had a liking towards this trip because I learned important survival skills with hands on action such as building shelters and making fires. I got to even drink outdoor natural tea I made using a fire, cedar leaves and some water. I thought that it was delicious! I also got to sleep with my friends and we were so restless, we stayed up all night! We talked, and played cards and had a lot of fun! This was my favourite trip.

The year was great. I did so many things, and my trips that I talked about were the highlights. Although the school year was long, it didn’t seem long compared to everything we did.


She had a hammer. The hammer was hard-hitting. The girl was too. The girl had many interests, playing games, dancing, gymnastics. When she did gymnastics, her favourite type of thing to do was the balance beam. Oh, she could flip and do all types of tricks on it. She was the star of her gymnastics class too. When there was a fight, she would abate it. When there was yorkshire pudding, she would eat it. Compared to her, everybody in her gymnastics class seemed to be into zombiism. The girl was perfect. One day, she got locked up in an xeric place. There was nothing, and she was scared. But the girl was also intelligent. She used an electro-optic device, preferably her cell phone, and she used the lighting coming out of a hole to reflect since she later learned it was light that solved the problem. Of course, it was a bit queer. But it was a test to test her full abilities. That’s how it goes. She becomes a scientist, and achieves great things.

Activity 3

3. Your family are stranded on a deserted island, with nothing but your clothes. How will you entertain yourselves?

For entertainment, I might use the clothing to make a little living shelter or fort. I might do that because I find building things and surviving fun and exciting. Building a fort with clothing is easy because if we are stranded on an island, it must have at least some resources we can use like trees or sand to help us attach a fort together. Entertainment is simple because a new place to explore is also very fun and my family enjoys exploring. So living like a real wild person can entertain my family if we are trapped on a deserted island.

Activity 2

2. Create a new game for someone to de-stress from their lifestyle.

The game I created is called Shut-Eye. The concept of this game is so that people can meet their most relaxing dream in real life. The rules are very simple. Somebody closes their eyes, and within five minutes the other person(s) will have to try to re-create the shut eye person’s dream or most relaxing state as best as they can. Even if it does not turn out to be the best, it will still be a laugh for the people. The thing that makes it relaxing is the shut eye part. The person shutting their eyes does not know what is going to happen. That is why there are the elements of shock and surprise. That is the board game Shut-Eye that I created for relaxation.

Activity 1

1. Research board games – when, where and why were they invented?

The board game chess was believed to be invented in India, in the sixth century AD. Nobody might know exactly how chess was invented, but there is a story that has been told about why. A king wanted a board game that was more challenging because he played all the others. One day, a man in the king’s kingdom created a game called Chaturanga. It is what chess is known as now. That is the board game chess.

Student Blog Challenge

8. Find an image that has a relaxing feel to it. Write a poem remembering to give attribution correctly.

The dark misty night                                                                                                                    The moon silver as nickel                                                                                                                   The palm trees swaying                                                                                                                     And the ocean as clear and blue as the sky

Islands float joyously                                                                                                                           People hum the night away                                                                                                                 The silence is not broken                                                                                                                     The stars shine bright and beautiful

Under the ocean a new world lives                                                                                                   Full of creatures and the food chain                                                                                                   Dancing until the sun came out                                                                                                            Then sleeping the night away.


Reading Response

I think that it should recieve the award because I think that is so amazing how this is a true story. The author was the main character, and he is so lucky that he escaped. These types of things like child soldiers and terrorism victims should be more known, because these types of forces are very big deals. This should not be happening, so spreading the story is a great story. Since it is a very important because of the cause, it should be known what to think of it from a survivor. That is why it should recieve the award.

Reading Responses

This text or book relates to my life because in the text, the characters are doing something that is very hard to do, go into battle. It relates to my life because my life is about the hardships, like the story. Both situations have a predicament, and the situation is about what is happening in the world. Hard decisions are also hard in the world. That is how the book relates to my life.